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  new insight into the female orgasm suggests it may have been important for human reproduction in the past. The team studied the anatomy of female mammals that still relied on intercourse to stimulate ovulation, and showed for the first time that male-induced ovulation came first, and spontaneous ovulation, such as what human females have, came later. Considering how miniscule the human egg is, its amazing how many misconceptions there are about its release! When i first got my period at age 12, and for several years thereafter, i was convinced that if i just looked hard enough, i would find the tiny egg nestled on. The process that leads to ovulation happens over a time period of 10-12 days and includes the gradual increase of estrogen over a period of several days. An orgasm is not known to lead to a sudden surge of hormones and the release of an egg.   female orgasm has a lot to do with ovulation, says a new study for much too long, the belief has been that female orgasm and reproduction have little in common.   however, while a womans orgasm is not essential for conception to occur, many people wonder if it actually has a role to play as far as conception goes. The up-suck theory is popular amongst some experts, who believe that uterine contractions resulting from a womans orgasm actually assist the sperms journey to the egg.   it is known that high levels of stress can cause infertility. Its worth noting that the oxytocin released during sex does not depend on an orgasm, it mostly depends on enjoying sex, and plenty of women enjoy sex without the requisite finale each time. And as much as ziskind raises a good point that stress is bad for fertility, putting.   women are more likely to achieve an orgasm at or around ovulation (you know, prime baby-making time),.   after becoming sexually active, some people notice a change in their monthly cycle. Indeed, intercourse can trigger certain changes in the female body.   however, ovulation doesnt require an orgasm to take place. If you have a uterus and egg cells, orgasming wont cause these cells to be ejected from your body in the way it does with ejaculation. Another possible cause for increased sexual desire is the increased production of elastic, stretchy, egg white-like cervical mucus prior to ovulation. (in fact, one of the best ways to time sex for pregnancy is by checking for these cervical mucus changes.).

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